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Analog Art

Analog Art

Strong colors, sharp contrasts and unusual, somewhat melancholic, somewhat cheerful created images, appear enormous, effortless and moving.

ada-fashion-illustration-263a -

Digital Art

Digital Art

The ways of Art are inscrutable.

Digital Art is fresh and have so much new fashionable tools for scrutiny it.
   Each start of a new digital project feels like Alice´s fall in Wonderland.




Light, playful and humorous illustrations are based on traditional drawing art as well as on digital art,
or on combination of this two.

fashion print
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Fashion Print

There are different factors necessary to develop artistic fashion prints. The most beautiful fashion prints are making the wearing person interesting, but they don't take attention away of her personality.


Fashion DESIGN

fashion design

Classy, calm or playful, highlighted and nobly sexy with flattering shapes, my fashion underlines personality of the weariers.

My joy of creating produce Your joy of wearing, so It`s  allways an exciting joint adventure!

I am creating

industrial collections for women and kids,

haute couture - handmade and hand painted clothes tailored to individual fit,

recycling art fashion collections,

fashion for special occasions and special circumstances,

pregnancy fashion and fashion for special occasions during the pregnancy,

clothes for music, theater, dance or other public performance


luminous fashion.

And of course everything else I can get, because everything I see needs my designing! :)


Graphic Design

graphic design for fashion

Presenting fashion, art and culture impressive, memorable und esthetical way is the goal of graphic designs such as corporate design, communication or editorial design. To combine the components of textual and visual messages in the way that make an individual and well recognized context and awake the attention is always an interesting and exciting task.

art graphic

My art graphics are works created as free art or valuable elements for patterns, prints, and decorative details that have autonomous artistic potential and can exist independently. Both are able to create an aesthetic space atmosphere and exciting visual experiences.

ART Graphic



I usually make photos out of passion to put down the beauty of a moment or place. Sometimes I make them in order to use them for collages or background of fashion artworks.
However, each time are created attractive artworks which are huge atmospheric enrichment of interior.


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