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about me


Learning of drawing and painting by Papa Ante

XII High School of Belgrade & Art Drawing College Sergej, Belgrade

Psychology at Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade

Fashion Design at Berlin University of the Arts

graduate designer & artist


 Drawing, painting and designing are my way of feeling and living since my childhood. It was never my decision, but always my fundamental determination and my calling.

The creation is always an exciting act. Despite the years of experience, my profession is still my passion and my work is always full of wonderful discoveries and surprises.

my WORK 

  Art I Design | Fashion  | Graphic I Photography 

I am working multidiszipliner and in different fields, offen combining, collaging and mixing manuel and digital artworks.

My work is characterized by strong and contrasting colors, lively lines and ease of movement.

Using many different formats, my artistic language remains in its base an always well recognizable, cheerfull emotional southern european statement and even essential messages are presented by the humorous, amusing and very estetical visual speetch.

my offer

After years of experiences in companies as designer and freelancer, I launched my multidisciplinary creative studio in 2009 in Frankfurt am Main,
ADA -Art Design Agency,
with a small fine Team and yearly changing student groups.
The studio focuses on visual thinking and design,
mainly in the fields of fashion, beauty and art.


The wide spectrum of "ADA" activities includes:

creating of images for fashion pattern and prints

creating end developing of fashion collections

designing of unique clothes for special occasions and special circumstances

creating of fashion for pregnancy clothes

projects with glowing clothes and clothes for performances

graphic design for fashion and style, culture and art

creation of Identities, branding, presentation and communication

fashion and story illustration

applied and free art photography

digital art

Fashion design I Fashion Illustration I Fashion print & Pattern

Art Graphic Design for fashion & beauty, art & culture

To Start a New Project with my Art dierection, pls. take contact.

For more Information take the look on ADA serveces:

Special Skills

Exclusiv fashion design for Maternity Wear & Maternity Wear for Spetial Occations



Luminous Dresses

There are several projects, exibitons and shows I created  wlone ot with my students

Training & Workshops
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